Sigoa is a firm which makes high quality articles for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. This firm was born thanks to the idea of two sisters Giorgia and Sabrina Buzzi who have decided to work together after attending the Istituto Tecnico e Industriale Secoli in Milan, which is a famous haute couture school harmony. The name itself Sigoa is the anagram of the two names which is the symbol of the fusion of the two sisters’ creativity and productivity. Sigoa began in the 90s when the team dressed in Sigoa articles won the Giochi del Mediterraneo. Since then Sigoa items have been dressed by a lot of athletes thanks an excellent harmony between technical needs and aesthetic tastes. Nowadays Sigoa is an important firm which avails itself of a qualified team.

” Our passion for art, for fashion, for taste of beauty and elegance have set out on our journey towards a sport where the body itself is the expression of the essence of mere art. Therefore we make refined collections which make themselves conspicuous for style and originality. A Sigoa article is different for the choice of its refined line and the use of high quality materials suitable for higher and higher technical performance. A range of products in which the harmony of light, shapes and colours magnify the personality and the emotion express by every athlete. A refinement in step with the stylistic trends of fashion and important competitions. Every small detail is not left to chance because details are the ones which create harmony and difference. The human body is the most complex and wonderful work of art and the aim of Sigoa is making originaI articles which point out the beauty of the item itself.”
Giorgia and Sabrina.